A look at Trump vs Biden: Election 2020

The United States will be voting to elect a new government for the next term or re-elect the Trump administration (administracja), in less than 8 weeks from now. Joe Biden from the Democratic Party is up against Donald Trump for the US Presidency.

Donald Trump continues to vehemently maintain his position (energicznie utrzymywać swoją pozycję) on immigration (imigracja). He has vowed to stop American companies from replacing American workers with lower-cost foreign workers. Joe Biden, on the other hand, vows to bring in highly skilled employees by reforming (reformowanie) the temporary visa system.

The relations between the United States and China have only spiralled down (spirala w dół) since Trump took office. Moreover, the tension between the two nations has only increased amidst the pandemic (pośród pandemii) as the President has repeatedly blamed (wielokrotnie obwiniany) the “Chinese Virus”. Biden has not made his stand clear on how he will deal with the tension between the two nations, although several Democrats have supported Trump’s decision to ban Chinese apps. 

The public disagrees with The President’s handling of the pandemic but it approves of his handling of the economy. Although polls have consistently (konsekwentnie) put Biden in the steadiest (najbardziej stabilny) on record lead.

Harsh Vishwakarma

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