Atrakcje w czasie ferii świątecznych

Skiing was set to open this winter, but with the news of a new mutated ( zmutowany) variant of Coronavirus, the chances are very low That skiing (jazda na nartach ) resorts will be open. With COVID-19 restrictions being imposed for the second time, you might be wondering how to spend your winter break.

Here is a piece of exciting news. Despite the restrictions, a lot of excitement is still left for you this winter. Here are the top six recreational(rekreacyjne) activities that will give you an experience like never before, and without the fear of getting infected by COVID-19: 

  1. Spend time with your family at home: You might not have got so much free time at home earlier. Make the best use of it. Play games in groups, have food together, share your happiness, thoughts, plans and worries with your loved ones. It will make you feel joyful. For some popular game ideas, click here
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2. Practice Yoga:  To channelize(kanałować) your energy in the right direction, practising Yoga is extremely important. Besides this, Yoga helps improve your circulatory and cardio health, respiratory system and endurance(wytrzymałość), manage your weight, balance your metabolism and enhance(wzmacniać) your overall physical and psychological(psychologiczny)health. Want to learn more about Yoga? Click here to book a lesson with me (Phanikumar) and let us discuss more about it. 

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3. Cook your favourite Dishes: Who does not love food? Try all your favourite dishes at home. Cooking can bring down your stress levels down as well.

Get into your kitchen during the lockdown and prepare various savoury cuisines and snacks for your dear ones at home. The Chef in you should wake up now!) cuisines(kuchnie) and snacks for your dear ones at home. The Chef(Szef kuchni) in you should wake up now!

Image By: edgar-castrejon-unsplash

4. Enjoy Birding: As it is mandatory to stay indoors during this period, we are not disturbing the nature. Hence, it is rejuvenating(odmładzający) by itself.

Peep(Ćwierkanie) out of your window or balcony, and you get to view several chirpy(żwawy) birds, which otherwise hardly are seen in our localities. Spot and watch various colourful birds and listen to the sounds that they make. It will make you feel happy. Capture(Zdobyć) their photos and find out the bird’s name.

Use Google Lens on your phone, and learn more about these adorable(godny podziwu) beings hovering(unoszące się) all around.

Image By: ross-stone-unsplash

5. Learn Paper Craft:  Please yourself by learning some new paper-craft during the lockdown at home. Paper is a readily available commodity which you might have in bounty(hojność) at your home.

If you are wondering(pełen zdumienia) how to learn the new craft without getting out of your home, several videos on arts and crafts highlighted on YouTube are the answer. Discover origami, quilling, and many other creative crafts that match your interest.

Image By: mel-poole-unsplash

6. Improve your English Language Skills:  Since you are at home, you can book online English Lessons, interactively learn English and up-skill yourself. It will help you in promotions(promocje) at work, open up new travel options after the pandemic, or communicate better in an international setting.

Want to acquire the English Language just by chatting with expert teachers? Click here to book a lesson with us, and our teachers will interact with you while you learn English without the fear(strach) of being judged(oceniał) or making mistakes. Click) to book a lesson now. here  to book a lesson now. 

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Since you are now aware of the best activities during the winter-break lockdown, beat the monotony and laziness of this challenging period by trying these activities. Share these ideas with your friends, and they will enjoy them too. 

As a whole, you will learn new skills and will be refreshed in your winter break. Though the Government can impose lockdown on the streets, no one can stop you from enjoying your vacations to the fullest. 


Dziesięć najczęściej wyszukiwanych słów w 2020 roku

When you don’t know the meaning(znaczenie) or pronunciation(wymowa) of a word, what do you do? 

Find a dictionary(słownik) and search for the word? Or type it in Google to find all the required details? 

Well, I am of the second kind. I use Google every now and then to check new words(Od czasu do czasu używam Google, aby sprawdzić nowe słowa). English is a dynamic(dynamiczny) language. Every year, hundreds of new words are added to the dictionary. 

Here are the ten most searched English words of 2020: 

  1. Grinch(N): It means: “someone who spoils the pleasure of others.” For example, imagine that you are about to beat the highest score in your favourite game on your phone, and someone disturbs you, and now you can’t beat the highest(najwyższy) score. You say, “You are a grinch!”. By the way, don’t forget to watch the movie, “The Grinch“, which features a fantastic fictional character(fantastyczna postać fikcyjna). 
  1. Debunk(V): It means: “to show something as false/less important.” For instance, if you waste a lot of time on your phone, you say to yourself, “I am going to debunk my phone.” Are you really going to do that? 
  1. Vivify(V): It means: “To make something lively and interesting(ciekawy).” Let me take our example, “The teachers at vivify the process of learning English.” Book a lesson with us and our teachers will definitely make your language learning process full of joy and excitement. 
  1. Silver Tongue(N): It means: “A person who is eloquent(wymowny) and convincing(przekonujący) in speaking”. For example, “To be successful in sales, one should have a silver tongue.” Do you want to have a silver tongue? Let us know. 
  1. Jannock(Adj): It means “being straightforward(bezpośredni)/honest(szczery)/fair.” For example, “It is always better to have a jannock personality than being betraying.” Are you a jannock or a complicated personality? Introspect(Analizować własne myśli i uczucia) yourself and find out. 
  1. Discord(N): It means: “disagreement(niezgoda) among people”. It can be between friends, family, or a team of professionals(profesjonaliści). For example, “There is a discord among members of the Parliament.” Did you ever have a discord with your family members? Think about it. 
  1. Whimsy(N): It means: “Playful(Figlarny) or funny behaviour.” This word is quite impressive. When someone behaves strangely(dziwnie) with you(in a funny manner though), you can consider(rozważać) that person as whimsical. Here is an inquiry(zapytanie ofertowe) for you: What is the most whimsical moment(za chwilę) in your life? 
  1. Joyance(N): It means: “A feeling of happiness(szczęście) or joy.” You can use “Joyance” when you feel glad about your achievement. Imagine yourself in a party or festival celebration to your friends after the COVID 19 crisis is over. You will feel the importance(znaczenie) of joyance in your life. 
  1. Turtledove(N): An adorable(godny podziwu) word indeed(w rzeczy samej). It is one of my favourite(ulubiony) words on the list. According(Według) to Google, it is the word used by many people to call their loved ones. Sounds so cute, right? It means, “A lovable and gentle person.” Finally, you got a new pet name(Nazwa zwierzaka) for your loved one(kochany). Go ahead and use it; they will be surprised for sure. For example, Call them “Hey turtledove“, instead of “Hey Sweetheart.” Well, I have already started doing that!!
  1. Montage(N): The last word of the list, but an interesting(ciekawy) one. It means: “Putting together many photos or music in an unusual(niezwykły) combination(połączenie).” Remember the Collage you might have made in your childhood? It is also an example of a Montage. Next time, try to put your child’s Montage on the wall of his bedroom. 

All these words were most commonly(powszechnie) searched in the year 2020 on Google. We have used Google to start learning new vocabulary. Isn’t it a cool idea? Do you think they should be a part of your daily conversations(rozmowy)? 

Well, I have started using these words in my daily conversations. It is your turn now. Add these words to your dictionary and find a significant(znaczący) improvement in your English skills. You will soon be a person with a silver tongue. 

Alright, that’s all for today, and we will soon bring a lot of exciting(ekscytujący) topics for you to read. 

Like our methodologies? Do you want to learn English with us? Click here to book a lesson and start your Language learning journey with the most extensive(rozległy) English learning portal of Poland. 

– Phanikumar

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