BUSINESS ENGLISH: Współczesne zapotrzebowanie

“The limits of my language mean the limits of my world.”

~ Ludwig Wittgenstein

Being an avid(zachłanny) reader, I consistently(konsekwentnie) have a good command over the fluency(płynność) and application(podanie) of the English language, with many words in my arsenal. I always felt comfortable(wygodny) communicating with others in words of higher-level vocabulary and considered(uważane) that to be my strength. All my illusions(iluzje) came to a halt when I was sitting for an interview for a business firm, paired with another person. Being confident(pewni), I communicated with my panellists in a manner I then believed was ‘professional’. The other person, however, used a very diplomatic(dyplomatyczny) approach and was direct and straightforward. When the results were out, I was shocked(wstrząśnięty) to see the other person had been forwarded(przekazane) and I wasn’t.

So where did I lack? Was it my confidence(pewność siebie)? No. was it my language(język)? No. The answer is – communication(Komunikacja). I could not communicate and convince my panellists that I was their asset. The grace(wdzięk) of language doesn’t apply in the business world; rather, it encompasses what I call PDDS – ‘Professional‘, ‘Diplomatic‘, ‘Direct‘, ‘Simple‘.

2020 has made this world adapt(przystosować się) to the digitalization of every firm. Business meetings(spotkania), conferences(konferencje), commerce(handel), finance have now boarded the virtual(wirtualny) train, and this is the new normal we’ll have to adapt to. Forms of communication such as emails, memos, sales presentations, etc. now demand a conciliatory(pojednawczy) approach and ease of interpretation(interpretacja). With so many changes taking place everywhere, we as professionals must learn to adapt to the very medium of them – Business English.

Business English encircles(otacza) the style and mannerisms(maniery) of English used in business contexts like international trade, insurance, commerce, finances, etc. It aims towards a professional, diplomatic, direct, and simple communication approach on business grounds. It entails(pociąga za sobą) expectations of clarity, vocabulary & grammatical structures. Remember, whenever we construct a message, we want to be as informative(informacyjny) as possible formally. Nothing is to be left on the reader’s interpretation(interpretacja) as that can be a waste of time and money.

You don’t need to have a Shakespearean sense of English to commence(rozpocząć) learning. Just have a good command over the language in its raw form. Non-native English speakers should make this of paramount(najważniejszy) importance because English stands as a global intermediate of communication today. In this arena, the rules are different; the business world doesn’t run on words of artistry(kunszt).

Whether you run your establishment(ustanowienie) or work for an organization, one factor that always matters is your network. Networking isn’t just about meeting the right contacts to advance your career but also making valuable connections with people from the industry(przemysł). So be it an elevator pitch, or just a simple introduction, with a strong command over Business English and some shades of courteousness(uprzejmość) and humbleness(pokora), you can portray(przedstawiać) a professional front while connecting with your colleagues, painting that great first impression(wrażenie) we all want to give.

While grasping the hold of the language, it’s essential that we also know its application. Always try your best to converse(rozmawiać) in this manner with your colleagues and management(zarządzanie). The more we practice, the better we’ll get at it. Affluent(Zamożny) third world countries have today adapted to this medium and conduct their business operations using it. The job market today isn’t better, and with so much unemployment around, professionals are now equipping(wyposażenie) themselves with more and more skills, to make them stand out of the competition, You can acquire an innumerable(bez liku) number of skills, sadly all of it won’t amount to anything if you can’t properly communicate with your colleagues.

Business English is not just like any other skill set; rather it’s a life skill of success. For many who have given the effort to learn this skill, it has been a life-changing experience for them. We live in a world where prolific(płodny) universities, organizations, educational hubs offer courses, all available at the tip of your fingers in the comfort of your homes. So all it takes is your will and effort to start your endeavour(dążyć). It is one of those skills that you will be using every day of your life, something that will take you, or rather, decide your position in an organization and map the course of your professional(profesjonalny) life.

This blog will one day be lost in the pages of history, but if you do come up upon it read till this point, all I ask you is this – Will all that reading, gathering knowledge, learning about your field, be worth it if you don’t know how to communicate? The choice is yours.

You decide.

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~ Blog by Vedant Moulik

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