A look at Trump vs Biden: Election 2020

The United States will be voting to elect a new government for the next term or re-elect the Trump administration (administracja), in less than 8 weeks from now. Joe Biden from the Democratic Party is up against Donald Trump for the US Presidency.

Donald Trump continues to vehemently maintain his position (energicznie utrzymywać swoją pozycję) on immigration (imigracja). He has vowed to stop American companies from replacing American workers with lower-cost foreign workers. Joe Biden, on the other hand, vows to bring in highly skilled employees by reforming (reformowanie) the temporary visa system.

The relations between the United States and China have only spiralled down (spirala w dół) since Trump took office. Moreover, the tension between the two nations has only increased amidst the pandemic (pośród pandemii) as the President has repeatedly blamed (wielokrotnie obwiniany) the “Chinese Virus”. Biden has not made his stand clear on how he will deal with the tension between the two nations, although several Democrats have supported Trump’s decision to ban Chinese apps. 

The public disagrees with The President’s handling of the pandemic but it approves of his handling of the economy. Although polls have consistently (konsekwentnie) put Biden in the steadiest (najbardziej stabilny) on record lead.

Harsh Vishwakarma

Riots in the USA (Zamieszki w USA)

Black Life Matters Banner

Last week the video of an African-American man named George Floyd being choked to death (zaduszony na śmierć) by a police officer in Minneapolis, USA sparked protests (rozpoczął protest) which have grown now into a full-scale riot (zamieszki pełnego stopnia) against the rampant police brutality (szerząca się policyjna brutalność) and institutional racism (instytucjonalny rasizm) in the country. Protests turned violent as people looted shops and set fires (podkładali ogień) to the Minneapolis police station, as the rioting spread across the country. The Minneapolis mayor and several other cities where protest has been intense have declared the state of emergency and employed the national guard in repelling the people, including peaceful protestors with teargas (gaz łzawiający) and rubber bullets (gumowe kule)

Protestors cite their reasons to be the blatant racism (bezwstydny rasizm) inherent in all American institutions, and the systematic harassment (systematyczne molestowanie) of black people by the police. In fact, since 2015, over 1252 black people have been killed by members of the American police force for trivial reasons (z trywialnych powodów) if any. 

These riots are considered the result of harsh disillusionment (twarde rozczarowanie) of the American people with their governments and their socio-economic system, which is increasingly preferential to the rich and the elite. This disillusionment was fuelled earlier this year, by the failure of the US government to adequately handle the Corona crisis resulting in one of the largest death tolls in the world. Additionally, President Trump’s lack of sensitivity for the plights of the common man, as well as his callous remarks and attitude in times of national suffering has only fanned the flames of unrest.

Learh M. V. Koonthamattam

US suspends funding for WHO


President Trump announced the decision (ogłosił decyzję) of suspending funding for the World Health Organisation blaming the organisation for the current pandemic situation.

Meanwhile, there are more than two million people globally infected by a deadly coronavirus. More than 128,000 people died worldwide.

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