• Vaibhavi Chaturvedi

Here are some easy suggestions(propozycje) for learners through which they can master writing skills:

In the process of acquiring(pozyskiwanie) a new language, learners tend to ignore their writing skills. The modern learners focus on their fluency(płynność) and pronunciation for basic communication. In our Schools, Universities, or workplaces, the skill of writing is the fundamental criteria on which your command over the language would be judged(oceniał). Though there are certain tools (Grammarly, Google translate, etc.) that help natives do a few basic tasks, a good command of the writing skills is significant in the long run. Writing builds our thought(myśl) process, communication, and improves our ability(umiejętność) to explain(wyjaśnić) ideas to others.

  1. Understand(Rozumiesz) the basic sentence structure and grammar. Without the fundamental knowledge(wiedza, umiejętności) of the language, one can’t write. 
  2. Reading and Listening improves the primary knowledge of the language. Learners can observe how specific phrases and words are used in a particular situation, which will help them make their new sentences. 
  3. Start Writing, don’t wait for the right time. Only regular practice can improve your command of the language. You can try writing an article or an online post for your social media account. 
  4. Please think(myśleć) before you write, it will improve your thought process and help you with your sentence formation.
  5. Writing often links with an opinion, make sure that you research well- enough to write relevant ideas. 
  6. Start a Diary/ Journal; this is an ideal practice for the pioneers.
  7. Find an editor or a proofreader(korektor) who will help you with grammar and spelling mistakes. You can also try tools that are available(dostępny) online.

For example Grammarly https://www.grammarly.com/grammar-check  

      8. The first piece will not be a perfect one, don’t hesitate(wahać się) to write again. 

      9. Track your progress(postęp) with your old writings to your new ones and understand your common errors. 

     10. An organized(zorganizowany) and consistent(zgodny) habit of writing is required from the learners. If you are hesitant about your writing skills, you can join any writing course. They will help you with your common mistakes and will make your writing more structured(zbudowany).

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