Szczepionka przeciw Covid-19

The Covid-19 vaccine, developed (rozwinięty) jointly by Oxford University and pharmaceutical (farmaceutyczny) company AstraZeneca, exhibits (eksponaty) potent (silny) effectiveness (skuteczność) against the disease in 70 percent of the cases. 

The results were published (opublikowany) in The Lancet journal on Tuesday. These results are the first full peer-reviewed (recenzowane) potency (moc) results for a Covid-19 Vaccine.

The trials (próby) indicated (wskazany) the vaccine to be effective (efektywny) up to 62 percent when given two full doses (dawki), and 90 percent when given a half dose, followed by a full one. 

Further (Dalej) tests and evidence (dowód) will be required (wymagany) to determine (określać) the duration of protection (ochrona) offered by the vaccine, and the need for booster (wzmacniacz) doses of the vaccine.

~Harsh Vishwakarma

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